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My name is Greg Murray

About me

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm Greg, a software engineer beginning my career in Jacksonville, FL. I enjoy building web-based applications focusing on both frontend and backend environments, particularly in the .NET ecosystem. I'm passionate about improving technology and applying my logical nature to the field of computer science. I believe the technology we can create has the ability to improve our lives and those around us, and having a role in that is my career goal. I'm also interested in the human aspect of technology, including both those who use it and those who build it. I spend my free time tinkering with the latest JavaScript framework, living on coffee, and playing guitar for my two cats.

Languages and Technology



Associate Software Engineer

January 2020 - Present

-Enhance and maintain features of a web-based wealth management platform

-Develop frontend solutions with React/Redux

-Build backend code using C# in .NET in addition to SQL and MongoDB

-Oversee my code from planning and research, through development and testing, to production deployment

-Participate in an Agile team and contribute to code review

-Utilize Git version control

Featured projects

ReactJSExpressJSJavaScript ES6BulmaHTMLCSSHeroku

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself constantly just trying to get simple statistics about number of cases and deaths in my area and across the world. This app aims to put all of that data in one place, as simply as possible. It became a great way to continue practicing my React skills while also learning NodeJS, specifically ExpressJS. This is one of my first full stack JavaScript web applications. It also uses the Bulma CSS framework (no JavaScript included) for styling. It also uses GitHub Pages for hosting the front end and Heroku for the backend.

Other projects

Entry Level Interview Study Guide

Web based study guide for entry level software developer interviews. I made it for myself and my friends as a way to consolidate a lot of information and be a good starting point for preparing for an interview.

Super Secret

Simple password generator app that utilizes the API to generate truly random strings. I built a ReactJS app that allows you to choose a few different parameters to create a complex password.

Simple Browser Game

Vanilla JavaScript
Simple vanilla JavaScript browser game built following the tutorial found on the Lost Decade Games website (link is on the repo page). There are only two levels and I plan to add a few more.
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