Welcome to my website

My name is Greg and I am a computer science student with a concentration on information science. I am in my senior year, with an expected graduation date of April 2020.

What do I want to achieve?

I want to create and improve technology, applying my analytical and logical nature to the field of computer science. I want to use this technology to improve people's lives and society as a whole. My career interests include software and web development, and my current goal is to learn more about both front-end and back-end development--a key goal of building this website.


By taking classes both at the University of Florida where I received my bachelor's degree in Anthropology and the University of North Florida, I have been fortunate to learn about several different aspects of computer science including object-oriented programming, web development, project management, and data structures.
More Info


Through my studies, I have experience working with ASP.NET Core, C#, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Java. Here is some of the work I have done: